Sunday, December 2, 2007

Want to Act on TV? Here's What You Can Expect as a Working Actor

TV has been around for many decades and since its first appearance in our living room, it has become an important part of our lives. Can you imagine not having a TV when man first walked on the moon or not seeing what is happening as leaders of two great nations meet? No wonder television never ran out of reasons to stay on the air. And with all those programs on TV, you also have more opportunities for acting jobs. Here's what you can expect when you're acting on TV:

There are plenty of job opportunities.
From a background extra in a crowd scene or as a witness on a crime TV series, there are plenty of roles to fill when you want to work on TV. There are hundreds of programs needing actors for a variety of parts. Open casting calls are common, especially when casting directors are looking for ensemble casts. You also get to work in a lot of genres, from crime and suspense to drama to sci-fi. Plus, there's plenty of work for actors of different ages.

You're not limited to a series or mini-movies.
If you're idea of acting on TV is landing a role in a soap opera or a series, think again. There are other acting jobs available such as documentaries and TV commercials. Documentaries often hire professional actors to act in dramatizations of real events so you'll have some very interesting characters to play.

Don’t scratch commercials off the list, either. There is always a need for fresh, new faces for ads and since TV ads enjoy a lot of air play, you’ll get more exposure as an actor. This is especially true if the ad runs nationally. There are plenty of actors who have been spotted by casting directors in a commercial and have been asked them to audition for roles in a sitcom or mini-series.

Another possibility if you want to work on TV is a voice over assignment. This is a popular acting work for many actors who lend their voices to animated characters, commercials, dubbed films and narrations.

Don’t expect overnight success.
Even Jennifer Aniston had her share of not-so glory days. But it took only one very successful sitcom to launch her to stardom. As a working actor on TV, expect a lot of auditions, refusals, holds and a lot of call backs before you book an assignment. Furthermore, expect a lot of competition. However, don't let these things get between you and your dream. Acting on TV can be an exciting career and if you find steady work, it's even better.

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