Friday, November 23, 2007

9 Things You Should Know About Acting Companies

9 Things You Should Know About Acting Companies

There are many companies that offer acting experiences for students and would-be actors and actresses. Acting companies are specialized organizations that provide performing and producing skills to complement learning in the classroom and hands-on experience. Here are some of the things you should know if you want to be an actor.

1. Acting companies cater to all ages, from children to adults, undergraduate and graduate school students. There is an acting company that will suit you, no matter what skills you have or your age.

2. A lot of the famous actors originated from companies like the Acting Company. This company is one of the most famous and personalities like Kevin Kline, Frances Conroy of Six Feet Under, Harriet Harris of Desperate Housewives and Jeffrey Wright of Angels in America performed. Theater performance is the specialty of this award-wining company.

3. Acting can be a profession. Acting enthusiasts have benefited well from acting companies. Many have made it big and have toured places around the world to perform in different play performances. These students have also acted as mentors to university acting guilds because of the skills they possess.

4. London history shows that acting companies took advantage of winter and spring months to perform in London. When the plague struck in the summer, the performers traveled to other places, giving rise to traveling troops.

5. Even in the 1500s and the 1600s, children were actively participating in play performances as part of acting companies. They performed at courthouses where the scripts showed moral themes. These companies were highly preferred by Queen Elizabeth and were extremely popular at the time.

6. Modern times have allowed acting companies to evolve into many different mixtures. Although the original concept was there, music and dancing were incorporated. Different genres are mixed to create interest among viewers. Many aspects of life has been explored to create original masterpieces.

7. Nearly all countries have developed their own styles in different acting companies. Each one has an originality that depicts its culture and traditions.

8. Many of the present performances have been derived from past works like those of Shakespeare. However, to add more interesting viewpoints, acting companies of today have given more credit to directors who standardized performances and ensured greater performances.

9. Joining an acting company will ensure that even without innate acting talent, you will learn skills that you thought you never could. So if you think you really want to try out acting, join an acting company today. Your area surely has a company that will bring out the actor in you.

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