Friday, November 23, 2007

Why Take Acting Classes

Lee Strassberg taught Marilyn Monroe. Salma Hayek was trained by Stella Adler. Acting is a craft and it has to be learned. If you want to be the best, then you have to sign up for acting classes.

It may look fun but it has to be taken seriously. Acting means you have to take on characters. There are different approaches in doing this. There’s Meisner, Strasberg and Morris to name a few. Now if you aren’t familiar with those names and you want to be an actor, you have to grab some acting books right now and read up in order to catch up to your fellow aspirants.

Acting shouldn’t be merely regarded as a hobby. It is a profession for most aspiring actors and actresses. If you have problems speaking in public, are shy and introverted, then you may want to consider another career.

For those people who want to make it big in Hollywood, they know that acting classes must be taken under authentic acting coaches. If you’ve seen Ellie Parker, theirs is a part where she catches her acting teacher sniffing cocaine. She didn’t have to say anything; you could see in her expression that she was disappointed. Obviously, the acting class she enrolled in was a hoax.

Look at acting classes as a workshop. You must choose a schedule that is convenient for you. When you go to class, you have to be completely focused. Leave your other concerns behind and just let go. For most professional thespians, they feel rejuvenated after acting classes because it might not be on camera or onstage but the exercises they did during the session were still acting.

When searching for an acting class, do some background research on its credibility. There are classes claiming to have the likes of popular actors under their belt. Double check this information. It may just be a hoax to entice you and other aspirants to enroll.

You should also be careful of acting classes that require you to have your headshots taken by them. Clearly this is a collaboration between the owner of the acting class and the photographer to make some money at your expense.

The tricky part about acting in cities such as Los Angeles and New York is that most people know that there are tons of actors and actresses trying to make it. If the offer seems too good to be true, it might just be.

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