Friday, November 23, 2007

Tips if Your Kid Wants to try Acting

Acting is considered to be one of the most prestigious careers, it brings fame and fortune to those who are hailed at the top of the industry. Because of this, acting appeals to many people of different ages including kids. Perhaps your own child wants to be an actor and if this is what the child really wants what you can do as a parent to give your support. But acting as a child may not be as simple as it is with adults. Here are some helpful hints if your child wants to go into acting:

1. Make sure your child really wants to go acting because you don’t want to waste your time or money. Some parents may impose their own dreams on their children because they had hang-ups. Be sure that it is your child who wants to join the school play or the movies and not you just seeing yourself in your little one.

2. Help your child prepare to act. You are the adult and you understand things better than your child. Help your child to know what the role is about. Explain to him or her who the character is, what they do, and where they are going. Add bits and pieces of information that can help your child internalize the role well.

3. Notice signs your child is becoming tired or restless. Children are less able to manage stress than most adults and you should be able to notice if the acting is taking a toll of your child. If your child is tired then rest is needed and you should give him or her time to rest.

4. Be present as much as you can. It is important to show your support. You are the source of your child’s security and inspiration and your presence is crucial to make you child feel safe and confident. Being there reassures your child that everything is okay and that you are there when he or she needs you.

Acting for kids can be more difficult than acting for adults. But with the right preparations and support from parents, acting can be quite fun and exciting for kids. Just remember that your child is still more of a child than an actor. A healthy childhood still matters very much.

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