Friday, November 23, 2007

Numerous Tips on Acting Costumes

If you’re an actor or actress, you will be spending money on your costumes. It seems easy to choose a costume, put it on and comfortably act in it. This isn’t the case all the time, there will be times that you might be wearing some big or tight fitting costumes and you may not be comfortable. These unhappy situations can be avoided. Below are some tips about acting costumes:

1. If you are skinny, and you have multiple roles with multiple costumes, (i.e. Egyptian dancer) you can wear full circle skirts, you can tuck in extra veils around your belt to appear fatter. You can also put sparkles and coins in your bra to make it seem fuller. Don’t shove a bunch of gym socks or shoulder pads since these won’t give the right shape.

2. If you have scars, stretch marks, or any visible markings that contrast your skin color, this won’t look good on screen. Disguising them and artfully covering them is a good idea. Body stockings and make-up isn’t the only way to lessen the scars; wearing the appropriate costumes can also work. Wearing tunic tops at hip length with a belt may be a solution. Temporary tattoos can also be good additions to your costumes and can also hide your scars.

3. Color coordination is given a great deal of thought to when preparing acting costumes. Some books refer to the colors of stage, make-up, interior design, etc when designing costumes but the main tip is to choose colors that will flatter your complexion. As a general rule, 1 or 2 colors and an accent of silver or gold will be good. Avoid gaudy colors like lime green, screaming pink or neon orange.

Using one color for skirt, belt and bra makes you look taller. Black versus other bright colors can add drama. White against other bright colors creates a lightening effect.

4. Another thing comprising your costumes is jewelry. Costume jewelry can be made from certain metals or tins and should be larger to make it more apparent to the audience. Inexpensive pieces of jewelry are advisable since you don’t have extra time to look for it and secure it on stage.

From Russian, Slavic and Classic, costumes vary in colors and designs. Costumes are a big part of actors and actresses lives. Their acting is enhanced and projected with the costumes that they wear. You too might need one in the future and the tips above can help you.

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