Friday, November 23, 2007

Acting for Dummies: Tips to Bring out the Star in You

Acting is among the oldest and most popular forms of the performing arts. Nowadays, acting can make people rich and famous. Some people shy away from acting because they think it is a complicated manner. However, acting is really simple because we do act in many occasions in our daily lives. Acting is not only for the professionals but for dummies as well.

If you are new to acting here are acting tips that even dummies can learn:

1. Read the script or the play freely at first to get the feel of the script and let it flow through your head. Don’t get into acting immediately but just read the text to learn the material and familiarize yourself with it.

2. Research the script or play because it pays to know beyond the words what you are going to act. Check out who the author is and how his other plays have been. Read about the setting of the play or movie. Check out what kind of characters it has especially the one you are going to act. Know all you can about it.

3. Read the script another time and this time you can focus on the character you are playing. Based on your research, how do you think the character should behave? Keep this in mind as you read through the text and imagine the character come to life.

4. Know the who, what, and where before you act, ask yourself who your character is, what it wants, and where it’s set. This will help you place yourself in the shoes of the character. Imagine what you will do in such a situation. Think of everything from your gestures to the way you will speak.

5. Read the script aloud with the character in mind. This will help you say your lines more comfortably. Play along and try out different ways of speaking based on how you think the character would say the text. Repeat as much as you can so that you can truly master everything.

6. Practice in front of the mirror once you have mastered the text you can practice your act. Do this in front of the mirror so that you can see how you look and you will soon not to be too conscious about yourself.

Acting can be simple and fun if you put your mind to it. Try out these tips and see how soon you become a good actor.

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