Friday, November 23, 2007

Seven Surefire Tips in Getting the Best Acting Contract

If you are an aspiring actor, it would be good to know about acting contracts. Acting isn’t an easy job but you shouldn’t be shortchanged. Talent agencies are around to help you sell your talent for the best price.

1. If you contact an agency, make sure that the one you are dealing with meets all the requirements of their unions. Specific requirements are stated in contracts that protect talents such as yourself from abuse from these agencies. As a member, you have the right to get ahold of a copy of this agreement from the union.

2. Your agent should be able to guide you in your career development. He should keep your resume updated and even your physical appearance should be of his concern. He should always be around to give you sound advice to jumpstart your career. All these things should be stated in the contract that you sign with the agency.

3. The contract that you have with the agency should also state that it is the agents duty to do all that he can to get you work by sending your profile to all companies needing your specific talent, look or skills.

4. When you do get a job, it is your agency’s duty to negotiate the contracts for you. The agency should be the one to settle disputes with your employer if there is a need.

5. The contract that you have will also state that you, in turn, shall do your duty by having the professionalism and commitment required of you. In most cases, 10% commission goes to your agency as payment for their services.

6. In terms of contracts that you sigh with producers, it would help to know that there are different types of contracts, especially in theater acting. Make sure that you sign the right contract, may it be main stage, touring or performance internship contracts.

7. Since contracts are binding, make sure that you are signing a contract for the duration of time that is most suited to your needs. If you have plans of moving, it would be good to let your agent know so that arrangements can be made to shorten your contract. Most of the time, they will be open to such kinds of negotiations. If you encounter problems with this, then it’s time to find another agent, or producer for that matter.

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