Friday, November 23, 2007

What an Acting Coach Teaches

So, you’ve had the acting bug for as long as you can remember. You’ve been performing since you were a child and now that you are an adult, you want to take a stab at it and see how far you can go. You know it is a cutthroat business but you’re willing to take your chances.

Remember that making it might take years of sacrifice and perseverance amidst rejections. But as long as you love acting and you can take all the blows because that is how willing you are to live your dream, then you must earn your keep as an actor.

You must attend workshops in order to learn more about the craft. Enrolling in classes taught by credible acting coaches will help you learn more about the craft, as well as the industry.

Acting coaches know that a surefire way in testing the acting chops of an aspiring actor is through workshops. Acting coaches provide meaty acting courses which include stage work, improvisation, voice-over, acting on-camera, movement and so much more. They make sure that their students learn the basics as well as the fundamentals of acting.

A great acting coach has tons of acting experience as well as passion and enthusiasm for teaching acting. They must be there during the intense phases as well as the simple tune-ups.

Acting coaches will work on what you already know. Show them what you’ve got and follow their suggestions and directions. Be open to what they ask you to do. It may be new or unconventional but as an actor, you have to be open-minded to any situation.

Now, here’s where the tricky part comes in. You have to get an acting coach that you will learn a lot from. You have to be very wary of hoaxes too. Take for example, in the movie Ellie Parker, Naomi Watts was disappointed after she saw her acting coach sniffing cocaine. She didn’t have to say it because her face gave it away. She felt cheated.

There are actors who’ve learned from the best. Take for example, Marilyn Monroe was trained by Lee Strasberg and Selma Hayek was taught by Stella Adler. Now Strasberg and Adler are two teachers most actors respect because of their approach in acting which they have shared with the world. Strasberg and Adler influenced actors the world over.

So invest in your craft. It’s worth it.

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