Friday, November 23, 2007

What You Need to Know About Acting Headshot Basics

As you prepare for your acting career, don’t forget to create an effective acting headshot. Acting headshots can make your future in acting life a lot easier and more possible, but not without putting it to the test.

1. Be professional

Like the usual job hunter, you must also be professional with your acting headshots. Even if you have to prepare your acting resume as well, it is still important to come up with an effective acting headshot. One that will tell about you, professionalism is one of the greatest factors to consider.

So how can you do about this? Always come up with an 8 x 10 copy. This size will show a definitive representation of your face. After all, the facade counts most in acting, notwithstanding the talent.

Color is also important. A professional look is always represented by black and white, so stick to that.

2. Get a good photographer

Keep in mind that this isn’t your usual identification picture. Acting headshots tell so much about you; hence, it is important that you get a good photographer to capture that real you.

A good photographer will know how to take a good shot of your head and shoulders. They know just the right angles.

Picture perfect images aren’t always innate. Sometimes, it depends on the photographer, quality of material used in developing, and the kind of camera used to capture the images. So if you want the best, go for the best.

3. Be simple

Before your photo shoot, make sure that you aren’t wearing fancy clothes or accessories. Keep in mind that you want your acting headshot focused more on yourself and not on other things. Make it a point that you stand out with no distractions.

In addition, you don’t want to convey a personality that is different from who you are. Of course, it would be best to look like the next superstar with glamour but you are on your way there. What is important is to land an interview. After all, you aren’t trying to get a modeling job.

Boiled down, keep your acting headshots simple yet valuable. Avoid any distractions that will divert the observers attention away from your face. It is your one-way ticket to stardom, so make sure you represent yourself well.

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